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 ABFSE Undergraduate Scholarship Application

Additional Requirements Instructions

After you have completed the online ABFSE Undergraduate Scholarship Application form, you will receive an email confirmation. Please print out a copy of the confirmation and mail it along with the additional items listed below.

Use the following checklist to assist you in collecting the additional information required to complete your scholarship application. (Faxes or emails will not be accepted).

Print the page below or download the
Additional Requirements - Checklist and Instructions (PDF)

    Scholarship Committee
    American Board of Funeral Service Education
    992 Mantua Pike, Suite 108
    Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097

Email Confirmation
Provide us with a printed copy of the email confirmation you received after submitting the online application form.

I. Personal Essay
Submit a written document (typed presentation). This "essay" is extremely important as it should address your decision and choice to pursue a funeral service education.  Please also include significant experiences and special people that have had an impact on this decision.

F. and H. Civic/Church/Community Activities and Work History
Please provide detailed information regarding your work
and community service history beginning during your high school years to the present.

J. Letters of Reference

Proof of enrollment:

Letter of Verification from the Program Director at the ABFSE accredited mortuary science/funeral service program where applicant is studying (provides official verification of attendance on letterhead).

Two (2) letters of recommendation must be submitted:

  • Letter of Recommendation from an Employer, Community Leader or Non-family Member
  • Letter of Recommendation from a Faculty Member of the ABFSE School (includes Gen. Ed instructors)

K. College Transcripts
Submit an official transcript(s) for the Funeral Service/Mortuary Science Program you attend.  Only Funeral Service/Mortuary Science Program transcripts are required; non-Funeral Service/Mortuary Science program transcripts will not be accepted.  Official transcripts must indicate completion of a minimum of five (5) funeral service education (non-general education/technical courses) or fifteen (15) semester credit hours or the equivalent need to be completed prior to submitting the application.

NOTE: Your Application will not be eligible for consideration until we receive your package of additional items. Download the Attachment Checklist and Instructions (PDF)

If you have any questions regarding your application, please email us at scholarships@abfse.org

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